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Macamo Sleeping Tablet | Supplements for sleep | Ayurvedic Supplement for Good Sleep | Natural Supplement for Sleep | Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Macamo Sleeping Tablet | Supplements for sleep | Ayurvedic Supplement for Good Sleep | Natural Supplement for Sleep | Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Macamo Sleeping Tablet is an ayurvedic supplement for sleep that aims to improve the sleep-wake cycle and enhance sleep quality. LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana it for acting as a natural remedy for insomnia and reducing stress. 

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Product Description

Macamo Sleeping Tablets is a sleep ayurvedic supplement that focuses on regulating the sleep cycle, promoting sound sleep, and improving sleep quality. LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana for its non-habit-forming sleep support benefit, it also provides deeper, quicker, and more restful sleep. 

It is recommended by doctors and is testified by GMP and ISO for being an effective Ayurvedic supplement for sleep. This sleeping tablet contains herbs such as Khurasani Ajwain (promotes sleep), Tagar (increases the duration of sleep), Ashwagandha (provides quick sleep), Gotu Kola (helps with insomnia), and Jaiphal (improves sleep quality) helps provide tranquilizing effects and regulate sleep-wake cycles. These also help in guarding against insomnia and help you get deeper sleep. 

Crafted entirely of natural substances, this Ayurvedic sleeping supplement aids in relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and muscular aches—all of which are brought on by irregular sleeping patterns. It begins to function within a few days and, over time, helps restore your sleep-wake pattern in a matter of weeks. Now, say goodbye to sleepless nights and welcome revitalizing sleep with Macamo Sleeping Tablets - your pathway to a refreshed morning and enhanced well-being!


  • Improves sleep cycle and promotes sound sleep
  • Regulates your sleep cycle and duration
  • Relieves mental stress and anxiety
  • Combats depression and insomnia.
  • Relief from muscle aches caused by irregular sleeping cycles
  • Help Wake up fresh without any drowsiness.
  • Regulates mood and keeps you energized
  • Zero dependency in the long term


Khurasani Ajwain, Tagar, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Jaiphal

How to use

  • Take 1 tablet of Macamo Sleeping Tablet with water 30 minutes before sleeping.
  • Make sure to have a healthy and nutritious dinner before taking this pill.
  • Its unique formulation starts working in a few days and regulates the sleep cycle in 3 to 4 weeks.

Approvals & Accreditations

  • LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana.
  • Clinically tested & has proven results
  • Recommended by Doctors 
  • GMP and ISO Certified Herbal Formulation

Non-Prescription Supplement

Macamo Sleeping Tablets is a 100% herbal non-prescription supplement and has zero side effects.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 4-6 business days.

For feedback, please reach out to our customer care number 9319719547, or send us an email at

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Why should I trust your product?

Clinically tested and LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana, the Macamo sleep ayurvedic supplement provides you with the best results without any side effects. It is a 100% natural solution of medicinal herbs and is also highly recommended by doctors, making sure that the product can be trusted and is safer to use. Moreover, we have been serving our clients for many years with Ayurvedic sleeping supplement and there haven’t been any negative comments or reviews. 

In addition to this, sleep ayurvedic supplement offers plenty of benefits such as relieving the problems of irregular sleep cycles and giving you quality sleep naturally. If you have trouble completing your sleep and experience insomnia, you can use ayurvedic sleeping supplement such as the Macamo Sleeping Tablet as it gives you ayurvedic medicinal benefits.

What are the main ingredients used in these Ayurvedic sleeping tablets?

The ayurvedic sleeping tablet by Macamo is composed of natural ingredients. These include-

  • Khurasani Ajwain- It promotes complete sleep. 
  • Tagar- It increases the duration of sleep. 
  • Ashwagandha- It aids you in falling asleep quickly. 
  • Gotu Kola- It manages the symptoms of insomnia. 
  • Jaiphal- It improves the quality of your sleep.

These herbs are ayurvedic and they have healing properties. They together act as a solution for your problems.

How long does it take to see results from a sleeping tablets?

The Macamo sleeping tablets begin to act within a few days. They take about 3–4 weeks to exhibit their best effects. Consistently using this ayurvedic supplement for insomnia will give you positive results in the long run. The results also depend on the type of supplement you are taking. Considering our Macamo Sleeping Tablet would be very beneficial as it is a 100% ayurvedic sleeping tablet and has higher efficacy.

Is there any recommendation before using this product?

Yes, a bottle with a broken seal should be avoided. Be cautious of some aspects after taking these ayurvedic sleeping pills such as indulging in any type of exercise or physical activity. It should be avoided for up to 6 hours after consuming the pills as it can affect your body adversely.

Are there any side effects of using Macamo sleeping tablets?

No, there are no proven side effects of using the Macamo sleeping tablets. The tablets are naturally made. They are clinically tested and ensure safety to use. However, it is advised to consult a doctor if you have any preceding medical conditions before the use of any other supplement whether it is Ayurvedic or not.

What is the price of the Macamo sleeping tablets?

Macamo Sleeping tablets cost 1199 per bottle consisting of 60 tablets. It is considered an effective ayurvedic supplement for insomnia to use today for enhanced sleep.