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Macamo Mind Tablets | Brain Health Supplement | Ayurvedic Supplement for Stress & Anxiety | Mind Relax Tablet | Improve Focus & Concentration

Macamo Mind Tablets | Brain Health Supplement | Ayurvedic Supplement for Stress & Anxiety | Mind Relax Tablet | Improve Focus & Concentration

Mind Tablets by Macamo is an Ayurvedic Supplement based on a neuroprotective formula that enhances brain function and mental clarity resulting in improved focus and concentration. It also helps combat anxiety and stress relief.

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Product Description

Macamo Mind Tablets is an ayurvedic supplement to improve focus and concentration, reduce stress and fatigue, and achieve a calm, relaxed mind full of energy. Macamo Mind Tablets relax nerves, reduce emotional turbulence, soothe the mind, and act as a natural sleep inducer. LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana, it helps normalize excessive or elevated cortisol levels to reduce stress levels. 

This ayurvedic supplement for anxiety is a non-habit-forming supplement that enhances brain function and promotes mental clarity naturally without creating any dependency.  It is meticulously crafted in a GMP-certified facility and contains pure herbal ingredients. These include ashwagandha (enhances cognitive flexibility and response time), brahmi (improves brain function), shankhpushpi (relieves stress and relaxes mind), jyotishmati (neuro-protective properties), giloy (reduces anxiety and improves memory), and mukhta pishti (manages phobias and mental shock). Together these herbs give you an effective stress relief supplement of all time. 

This meticulously crafted ayurvedic supplement for brain health is a natural solution for your stress and anxiety problems and also improves your focus and concentration. It has mind-calming properties and makes sure that your mind stays active. It is clinically tested and recommended by physicians. All you need to do is take one or two tablets twice a day and get ready to attain a calm mind with no residue of stress or anxiety.


  • Boost learning capability 
  • Provides a focused mind and increases concentration
  • Enhances response time
  • Soothes anxiety and reduces emotional turbulence
  • Calms the mind and acts as a natural sleep inducer
  • Improves complete cognitive health
  • Reduces stress and mental fatigue
  • Provides better mental clarity


Key ingredients include Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Sankhpushpi, mukhta pishti, and Giloy

How to Use

  • Take 2 tablets of Mind Tablet once a day with water.
  • Make sure to have a healthy and nutritious meal before taking this pill.
  • Start witnessing its effects

Approvals & Accreditation

  • LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana
  • Clinically Tested & Proven Results
  • Kosher Food Certified 
  • ISO and GMP Certified Herbal Formulation

Non-Prescription Supplement

Mind Tablets is 100% herbal non-prescription supplement and has zero side effects.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 4-6 business days.

For feedback, please reach out to our customer care number 9319719547, or send us an email at

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How should I relieve my stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety may disturb your mind completely. It may affect your daily routine and the activities that you attend to. A perfect solution for this problem can be found in the Mind Tablets by Macamo or you can also choose our Shaithilya Calming kit. The kit includes a Macamo Mind Tablet and a Macamo Sleeping tablet. It focuses on calming your mind and relieving your stress, providing you with a deep sleep. It helps relax your mind and body, keeping your body energetic and increasing concentration in your daily routine.

What is the use of the Mind Tablet?

Mind tablet works on relaxing your mind and enhancing concentration. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and boosts your learning capability. It focuses on improving cognitive health and improving your sleep patterns. It has plenty of uses to get a relaxed mind.

Why should I trust Macamo Mind?

Macamo mind tablets are made entirely of herbal substances, making them free of side effects. It is LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana and has undergone clinical trials, guaranteeing its superior quality. In addition, medical specialists highly recommend it and it is GMP and ISO-certified. These certificates add to the products' credibility and safety.

Our Ayurvedic stress relief supplements have garnered positive feedback from over a lakh customers. Since mental well-being is important, we have ensured that the product is safe, effective, and of high quality. Furthermore, the mind relax tablets offer you advantages like relief from stress, and anxiety and increasing your brain’s functioning.

What are the major ingredients used in this product?

Macamo Mind tablets contain potent herbs that have mind-calming properties. These include-

  • Ashwagandha- Enhances cognitive flexibility and response time 
  • Brahmi- Prevents brain cell damage and improves brain function
  • Shankhpushpi- Relieves stress and relaxes the mind
  • Jyotishmati- Contains neuroprotective properties, manages depression 
  • Giloy- Reduces anxiety and improves memory
  • Mukhta pishti- Helps manage phobias and mental shock

These potent ingredients contain enriched properties to enhance your brain’s health.

How long does it take to see results with a Mind Tablet?

Mind tablet starts showing its effects within a few days. But, for best results, you need to be regular with your doses. Once you start being consistent with your supplement, you will start witnessing your mind getting sharper with reduced stress in 2-3 weeks. Additionally, for best results, combine our Mind Tablet with our Sleep Tablet which comes as a kit. Shaithilya Calming Kit combines mind tablets and sleeping tablets which works to enhance cognitive functions by reducing stress and anxiety and improving sleeping patterns for deep relaxation..

Is there any recommendation for using this product?

It is advised to reduce the intake of alcohol and cigarettes for using this supplement.  Also, including a diet full of nutrition and physical activity in your everyday routine, may prove to amplify the medication's effects on your body and mind.

Are there any side effects of using Mind Tablet?

There are no side effects of using stress management medication. It contains nature-based ingredients that together improve the functioning of your brain. Naturally crafted, it reflects no side effects or complications. In addition to this, developed under the guidance of the LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana, it is ISO and GMP-certified. These add to the product's credibility and increase its safety. So, you can use this product with ease. 

What is the price of this Mind Tablet?

The price of Mind Tablet is ₹1,199 for one bottle. It contains 60 tablets to use for one month. You can avail the best offer by going for the Shaithilya Calming Kit which comes with a bottle of mind tablets & a bottle of sleeping tablets.