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Cure Piles Pack | Ayurvedic Piles Care Kit | Ayurvedic Tablets & Spray for Piles | Visible Piles Relief in 3 days | Dual Action & Fast Relief | Effectively Manage Fissure & Fistula

Cure Piles Pack | Ayurvedic Piles Care Kit | Ayurvedic Tablets & Spray for Piles | Visible Piles Relief in 3 days | Dual Action & Fast Relief | Effectively Manage Fissure & Fistula

A Cure Piles Pack- Tablets & Pain Relief Spray, constituted by Macamo to give you relief from Piles, Fissure & Fistula. This ayurvedic supplement for piles pain is an effective solution for rectal bleeding, pain, constipation, itching, and burning sensation naturally.

  • LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana
  • Results in 3 Days
  • Internal + External
  • 2L+ Customers
  • 0 Side Effects
  • Cure in 6-8 Weeks
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Product Description

Cure Piles Pack is a holistic Ayurvedic approach to get relief from piles. This carefully crafted combination, including two bottles of Cure Piles Tablets and one Cure Piles Spray, is LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana. It's a thoughtfully designed solution to assist in managing bleeding and non-bleeding piles, fissures, and fistula. 

This ayurvedic supplement for piles pain kit is an herbal solution of tablets and a spray. The tablets are crafted with Haritaki (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), Aak (provides relief from stomach problems), Jimikand (treats constipation), Senna (acts as a laxative), Jayphal (natural pain killer), Chitrak (reduces painful piles), Khadir (controls bleeding), and Bhilawa (promotes digestion), and the spray contains Bankhor (relief from hemorrhoids) and Gotu Kola (gives a cooling effect). These herbs together in the form of spray for piles and tablets help you get relief from itching and burning sensations. Along with this, it reduces pain and regulates blood pressure in the veins. 

You are one step away from getting rid of all pile-related problems. This piles care kit is also effective for treating fissures and fistula. Certified by GMP and ISO, these provide you with the solution to your hemorrhoid problem naturally. Regular use of this piles pack will help you get results within 6 to 8 weeks. So, no need to get embarrassed anymore. Welcome this kit today to your daily routine and start getting relief within 3 days.

Why Choose Cure Piles Combo?

Our combo is more than just a treatment; it's a 360° approach to piles care. It's a preferred choice for many, offering a natural alternative to more invasive surgery procedures. Choose the blessing of Indian Ayurveda over Dangerous Surgeries.


  • Tablets support internal healing and show its effects within days 
  • Spray provides external relief and offers immediate comfort
  • Spray offers quick relief from burning and itching
  • Regulates blood flow in the affected area, 
  • Controls Bleeding and regulates bowel movements
  • Aids in Mucus discharge and reduces inflammation
  • Relieves Prolapse upon defecation and improves digestion
  • Aids in healing the ruptures in the anus lining


  • Cure Piles Tablets: Contains a blend of Ayurvedic herbs such as haritaki, Jimikand, Jaiphal, Aak, Senna, Khadir, Bhilawa, and Chitrak.
  • Cure Piles Spray: Key ingredients include Bankhor and Gotu Kola, known for their soothing properties.

How to Use

  • Cure Piles Tablets: Take two tablets with water or milk after breakfast and dinner (only one time throughout the day)
  • Cure Piles Spray: After cleaning & drying the affected area properly, apply 2-3 times a day from a distance of 5-8 centimeters, recommended especially after bowel movements

Why This Combo?

The MACAMO® Cure Piles Combo is designed to offer a comprehensive, non-invasive approach to managing piles. With its blend of natural herbs and dual-action formula, it assists in alleviating symptoms and promoting comfort.

Approvals & Accreditation

  • LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana
  • Clinically Proven 
  • Recommended by Doctors
  • Kosher Food Certified
  • GMP Certified Herbal Formulation

Non-Prescription Supplement

Cure Piles is 100% herbal non-prescription supplement and has zero side effects.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 4-6 business days.

For feedback, please reach out to our customer care number 9319719547, or send us an email at

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Why should I trust your product?

Cure piles pack is a formulation of herbal ingredients which is why it has no side effects. It is clinically tested and is developed and LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana ensuring that it is of high quality. Moreover, it is GMP and ISO-certified, making it highly recommended by medical professionals. All these certifications further make the products trusted and safer to use. 

We have been serving our clients for many years and we have received good reviews for our Ayurvedic products. As piles are considered a serious and painful disease, we have made sure that the product is effective and provides quality and safety. In addition to this, the Cure piles pack provides you with benefits such as relief from rectal pain, reduced blood clots, and inflammation. The pack together is effective in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles as well as external and internal piles.

How long does it take to see results with Cure Piles Pack?

The supplement for piles pain pack takes about 3 days to show its effects. Regularly using it together will help you to get the best results within 6 to 8 weeks. The results also depend on getting a nutritional fibrous diet and including exercises in your daily routine along with supplements. This will help to give you long-term relief and attain comfort in using the washroom.

Is this Piles Care Kit suitable for all ages?

Yes. Piles Care kit is suitable for all ages and genders. But people who have chronic illnesses, are on medications, are pregnant or nursing should consider consulting the doctor before using this.

Are there any side effects of using this Cure Piles Pack?

No. Using these Piles Ayurvedic tablets and spray does not reflect any side effects. This cure piles pack follows a traditional supplement system of ayurveda. It is crafted containing natural herbs with anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhoid properties. These properties help you get fruitful results with zero side effects. So, you don't need to worry about getting any complications due to the products. 

Is there any recommendation before using this product?

Yes. The spray for piles in the pack is for external use and works on giving a cooling effect to the affected area around your anus. As for the piles ayurvedic tablet, it works for both internal and external piles. Moreover, it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet that includes fibrous foods along with this cure piles kit so that you get maximum relief in less time.

Can I Buy Cure Piles Tablet or Spray separately?

Yes. You can buy this pack of supplement for piles pain separately. We have listed the products separately as well on our website. If you are looking to just use the spray for piles or tablets, you can go through our website and order them separately. 

What is the price for Cure Piles Pack?

Cure Piles Pack costs you ₹1399 for two bottles (120 tablets each) of cure piles tablets and one cure piles spray (60 ml). This ayurvedic supplement for piles pain by Macamo is one of the most affordable and effective supplements today.