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Damage Repair Therapy Shampoo | Unisex Natural Hair Shampoo | Ayurvedic Hair Control Therapy Shampoo

Damage Repair Therapy Shampoo | Unisex Natural Hair Shampoo | Ayurvedic Hair Control Therapy Shampoo

Get rid of all your hair-related problems with our Macamo Damage Repair Control Therapy Shampoo. It is a natural hair shampoo that starts working within 1 week, providing more strength to weak strands and helping prevent damage repair and breakage. It’s a way to get smooth, shiny, and bouncy hair.

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Product Description

Damage Repair Therapy Shampoo is a natural hair shampoo that provides you with thick, and shiny hair. This treatment for hair damage heal issues including dandruff, fungal infections, and breakage in the hair. It lessens the likelihood of hair loss and damage while providing additional nourishment to the hair follicles. 

This damage-repair shampoo is LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana. Recommended by doctors, this nutrient-rich herbal composition contains Badam (provides moisture), Argan (reduces dandruff), Rosemary (nourishes hair follicles), Neem (promotes hair growth), Shikakai (treats scalp infection), Bansh (increases blood flow to the scalp), Bhringraj (prevents graying), Amla (hydrates and nourishes the hair), Tulsi (prevents hair loss), and Mehandi (softens hair and provides protein). These together regulate collagen production for strand repair and hair growth. 

If you’re looking for an ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall that starts working early, then choose this unique hair growth ayurvedic shampoo. This GMP-certified formulation was created after years of research and works extensively to provide deep-rooted solutions to all your hair-related problems. So, attain healthy, thick, and smooth hair within 6 to 8 weeks of using this natural shampoo. 


  • Relief from hair fall and receding hairline
  • Hydrates and nourishes hair deeply
  • Promotes new hair growth and minimizes breakage
  • Adds shine and moisture to the hair 
  • Reduces hair dryness, and repairs damaged hair 
  • Cleanses the scalp deeply and reduces scalp infection
  • Anti-dandruff and prevents hair loss
  • Increases hair thickness and adds bounce to the hair


Badam (Almond), Argan, Rosemary, Neem, Shikakai, Bansh, Bhringraj, Amla, Tulsi, and Mehandi

How to use

  • Take Macamo Shampoo and apply a small quantity to wet hair and scalp
  • Gently massage Macamo Shampoo to create a rich lather 
  • Rinse well with water and continue using it for 6 to 8 weeks for best results

Approvals & Accreditation

  • LICENSED by the Department of Ayush, State Govt of Haryana
  • Clinically Tested & Proven Results
  • Recommended by Doctors
  • GMP Certified Herbal Formulation

Shipping & Returns

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 4-6 business days.

For feedback, please reach out to our customer care number 9319719547, or send us an mail at

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Is damage repair shampoo good for your hair?

Yes. A damage repair shampoo is good for hair. It helps to prevent dandruff, increase blood circulation, and nourish your scalp. It turns out that using Ayurvedic remedies works better. This is because herbal products are nature-based and solve problems from the root. You can try our ayurvedic damage repair shampoo to attain smoother and lustrous hair.

How can I repair my damaged hair at home?

You can fix damaged hair at home with herbal hair products. Products from Ayurveda are natural and free of adverse effects. Moreover, using a traditional method of solving hair problems has long-lasting effects. You can use Ayurvedic hair oil or Macamo damage repair shampoo to moisturize your hair roots. When hair roots are deeply moisturized, the chances of your hair being damaged are less. So, keep your scalp nourished and moisturized for healthy hair.

What are the ingredients used in this shampoo?

Natural herbs are used in this ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall. These are-

  • Badam- Help provide moisture and promote hair growth
  • Argan- Reduces dandruff and protects against heat
  • Rosemary- Nourishes hair follicles and strengthens hair roots
  • Neem - Promotes hair growth and minimizes graying of hair
  • Shikakai- Helps treat scalp infection and prevents hair loss 
  • Bansh- Increases blood flow and prevents irritation in the scalp
  • Bhringraj- Prevents graying of hair and promotes better hair growth
  • Amla- Hydrates and prevents damaged hair
  • Tulsi- Prevents hair loss and keeps the scalp healthy
  • Mehandi- Softens hair and provides protein 

Maintain healthy hair and scalp with these nutritional herbs.

How much time does it take to see the result with this Shampoo?

It starts working from 1st week of using it. You need to be consistent with it to get effective results. Using the shampoo for about 6-8 weeks will enhance the texture of your hair. Moreover, focus on modifying your food habits and including physical activities in your daily routine. This will result in higher effects of the hair growth ayurvedic shampoo on your hair. 

Is this hair shampoo suitable for all ages?

Yes, this natural hair shampoo is suitable for all age groups. It gives you healthy, thick, and smooth hair within a few weeks. Be cautious if are suffering from a skin disease. Before using this hair growth ayurvedic shampoo in any such situation, consult a doctor.

Are there any side effects of using this shampoo?

There are no known side effects from using this shampoo. It is made entirely of herbs and contains strong compounds that can treat the scalp. It deeply hydrates your scalp, reducing dryness, falling hair, and thinning of the hair. Furthermore, this product has ISO and GMP certifications, guaranteeing its superior quality and user-safe nature. Furthermore, in all the years we have worked in the Ayurvedic field, none of our clients has had any concerns or difficulties with the product. 

What is the price for Damage Repair Control Therapy Shampoo?

The Damage Repair Control Therapy Shampoo costs you ₹999 for a bottle of 300 ml. This unique natural hair shampoo is said to be one of the best damage repair hair shampoos in the Indian market.